The Science

What causes the modified strain to persist in the mouth? 

The modified strain secretes a novel bacteriocin, mutacin 1140, which is disruptive to the metabolism of unmodified S mutans.

And the modified strain doesn't secrete lactic acid?

No. The strain doesn't contain the ldh metabolism which creates lactic acid.


What does the application of Lumina Probiotic involve, and how long does it take?

It's a five minute procedure, slightly more complicated than brushing your teeth.

The most important step is the disruption of the existing s mutans biofilm using a prophy brush and tooth polish. Afterwards, apply Lumina Probiotic as if it were a toothpaste, with a thorough brushing process. This should cause the live bacteria to adhere to the tooth surface.

The final step is to jump-start your new probiotic culture, for which we recommend eating candy.

Do I still need to brush my teeth? 

We would still recommend brushing your teeth. We don't yet know whether this strain does anything for gum disease or bad breath.

What is the cost of a Lumina application? Are there any follow-up costs?

Lumina Probiotic is open for preorders as of April 9, at a price point of $250. There are no follow-up costs.

Where is Lumina’s clinic?

On the island of Roatán, in the Próspera ZEDE.

How can I stay updated on Lumina Probiotic’s services and developments?

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The Application

How long will the strain persist on the teeth?

Plausibly indefinitely.
The original scientists experimenting with mutacin strains applied a strain to their own teeth, and found that it remains on their teeth

Do I need to follow a specific oral hygiene regimen post-procedure?

We recommend that you keep doing whatever you were doing, so long as what you were doing was brushing and flossing.

How do I know if the treatment has been successful?

Some of our kits come with a mouth swab, so we can sequence your oral microbiome and confirm successful displacement. Otherwise, you can find swab kits on our Product page!