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Coming in June 2024

Preorder Lumina and have it delivered to your home. You'll receive one vial and the instructions you need to effectively introduce this new bacterial strain to your oral microbiome.

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Set of three Lumina Probiotic boxes


What is the price of Lumina Probiotic?

Pricing starts at $250 plus taxes, and shipping fees.

What is in the at-home product box? 

Lumina arrives as an lyophilized powder. It comes with instructions to mix with water in order to activate the BCS3-L1 bacteria, and a few thoughts on how to apply the mixture to your teeth.

Ingredients: 0.5g Lyophilized BCS3-L1 Bacterial Culture, 0.48g Sucrose, 0.02g Phosphate buffered saline.

When will my Lumina be shipped?

For pre-sales orders to the United States, we expect to begin shipping batch 1 orders in June 2024.

Shipping estimates are subject to change based on our manufacturing capacity and availability. An exact shipping date is not currently available beyond the expected shipping window listed above. Please be assured that we will fulfill orders as quickly as possible in the order they were received. We will update this page with regard to shipping timeframes for US customers with the latest information on revised shipping window estimates

Do you ship outside the United States?

Not yet, but it's coming :)